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Teacher Asks Her Students To Do THIS On Her Dress...Now The Internet Is Going Crazy!

Teachership is a responsible profession. Each of your teachings has to be very efficient and influential at the same time. But in case if you're a 1st-grade teacher you need a lot of dedication in your profession as it's not at all easy to get a kid's attention quickly and make them listen to you in the class.ShaRee Castlebury understands this very well. Her dedication makes her move to extra mile. This first-grade teacher in Lawton has an extraordinary impression on her all students; you will surprise to see what this teacher made for her little angles in a way to make them remember her when they move to the next grade and probably in their entire life. 

Ms. Castlebury is a first-grade teacher who probably we all wish to have. 

The teacher did an extra special act to make her students happy and remember her always. 

She brought a plain white dress and told her students to create artworks of their own imaginations. 

Students took the task seriously and created wild drawings and various kinds of pictures. 

On a day of a special occasion in the school, the teacher wore the dress decorated by her little students. 

Ms. Castlebury hopes to wear the dress again in her students' high school graduation ceremony.  

This creative teacher also got a brand name for her new dress which is "Room219." Now who won't study if he has a teacher like her?Kudos to her. She is awesome indeed. Share the story with your friends and family.