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11 Pictures From History That Will Leave A Long Lasting Impact On Your Heart

There are millions of old photos that we know about but some photos are even more captivating and give us the glimpse of the life. They will actually give us a vague idea of what exactly has happened in the history. Those pictures show us that maybe we will never be able to see them again ever. These are some rare cases which were captured by the efficient photographers of the past. Here we have selected some unique and rare historical photographs which will steal your heart.

1. Lipstick test, 1950

In the year of 1950 bald men were invited to the factories that produced lipsticks so that the lipsticks can be tested on them. They were the live dummies for testing.

2. Lumber Jacks Portland, the USA, 1915

This photo was taken by Arthur M. Prentiss and W.A. Ellison. This photo is one of the series of occupational photograph of the lumber industry, Portland.

3. Salvador kisses actress's hand, 1965

Salvador paints an abstract portrait of Raquel Welch in 1965 in which he is kissing the sensual beauty's hand.

4. Healing back problem with Bear, Romania, 1946

At this time, Gypysies used bears for getting rid of back pain and other ailments.

5. Alice Liddell- inspiration for Alice in wonderland

This is the photo of Alice Liddell who was the inspiration for Lewis Caroll's novel which is famous with the name of Alice in Wonderland.

6. Peter Freuchen with his partner, 1947

This is a photo of the polar explorer Peter Freuchen with his partner. It was clicked in the year 1947.

7. Pilot George jumped from the plane

This is an accident of 1962 when the pilot jumped out of the plane at extremely low altitude because he completely lost his control on the plane. He got several fractures after this accident.

8. Military electricians, 1918

This picture was taken at the University of Michigan. This is the picture of the pole-climbing class for the college telephone electricians with some of their instructors.

9. Princess of Iran and Queen of Egypt, 1939

This is the picture of one of the most beautiful and naive princess of Iran. She was married to the prince of Egypt. She was described by the writers that she is the little, gift-packed girl.

10. Acrobats performance on empire state building, 1934

11. Balancing in wooden horse, 1935

This is the photo when new recruits of the 7th the King's Own Hussars regiment practice balancing in the wooden horses. Hope you liked all these rare and amazing photos from history. Share it with all those who loves stuff like this.