On In Photography

20 Timeless Images That Just Never Get Old.

Some memories are so powerful that they write themselves in Gold in the books of time. The images below are stong, infuential and bring back flashbacks. They say that the only wonderful thing about past is that it smells sweet. I say no more, you find it for yourself. For more follow us @WittyFeed.

Joyous Mandela and Wife, after he was released from the prison.

Lover's on California Beach.

Over-Excited Persian Dog!

The Duchess and Duke of Windor, have a good time!

A Woman enjoying Head Tapping at a sensory awareness class.

Marilyn Monroe in her Epic Pose.

Lind Hop's Classic Step!

Children watching Puppet show with utmost excitement.

The Iconic kiss at V-J Day, Time Square, NY

A wasm Family Welcome to a Vietnam POW

President Barack Obama fighting a young Spider man.

NASA Team Celebrating The Landing of Curiosity On Mars.

Cassius Clay defeats Sonny Listen for the Grand title.

Little Goslings following their mother.

Parisian boy, excited for Supper!

A Child Awestruck with so many Jelly Wishes around!