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Mandira Bedi Is A Gorgeous Mom And These Pictures Are Proof

Mandira Bedi is major #goals. She's not just a stunning model, but a wonderful mother and an amazing wife. We definitely have a crush on her with her fitness mantras, a gypsy soul and a zeal for traveling. Just like her Instagram bio says."PICTURES OF ME, BY ME, FOR ME!"Few months back, Mandira Bedi traveled to Maldives with her beautiful family and their pictures are marvelous. It's like taking a swim in heaven and we have exactly what you have been looking out for. Believe me, these pictures will give you travel goals and I have already started dotting things in my little notebook.

She looks stunning as ever with that big smile on. 

And with those mirrored sunglasses, she looks hot. 

Just soaking in the scorching sun. 

A happy family time. 

And why not let the chic-ness pose. 

Fitness by the water while they gorged on loads of fruits.

The drapery in the ocean blue and salty sand. 

Now this is what you call a vaaction. 

I bet you all know the fondness now. 

But it wasn't just Mandira who shared her pictures.