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This Man’s Blackheads Were Popped Out, See The Shocking Transformation After!

Blackheads are the indefinitely shaped and sized skin conditions, which can occur in anybody's face or body. Comedone is another term used for blackheads and whiteheads which are caused due to the blocked skin pores with some oily substance.One of the famous Delhi-based blackhead popping doctor, Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav, has popped out his patient's three large nose comedones which were surrounded by some smaller blackheads. The whole procedure of this blackhead removal has been captured and now it's going viral.

The entire nose covered with big comedones and blackheads.

Man's nose was totally covered by comedones, which are made up of sebaceous and dead skin material stuck in the opening of a hair follicle. These comedones can be open which are known as the blackhead or closed which are known as the whiteheads.

Immediate plucking needed.

After watching the worst condition of this guy's nose, Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav immediately started operating those creepy blackheads.

The procedure begins...

. .while plucking, Dr.Vikram observed those blackheads very hard like a rock.

Comedones are almost out.

After struggling for few minutes, one by one, Dr. Vikram took out all the three blackheads.

OMG! These much big blackheads.

All the three blackheads were made up of dead skin, hair, and sebum which became very hard and almost converted into rock.