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31 Years Have Passed And This Is How Small Wonder Cast Has Transformed

The show focuses on the Lawson family, namely “Vicki,” a robot ten-year-old that was created by inventor Ted Lawson for United Robotronics. Ted brings Vicki home to try and have her adapt to a typical family structure. The concept was intriguing to me as a child, especially since Vicki was close enough to my age at the time.PS: Vicki was named due to her being a Voice Input Child Identicant – get it?  Here are your favorite characters from the show and how they look now! :) 

1. Tiffany Michelle Brissette as Vicki the Robot

The star of the show was born in Paradise, CA. She is now known for running marathons. She currently lives in Colorado, away from the limelight, and works as a nurse.

2. Emily Hope Schulman as Marriet Brindle

She played the role of Lawson's next-door neighbor. The girl who had a crush on Jamie Lawson (Vicki's brother) acted in a couple of films, and then got married in 2002.

3. Jerry Michael Supiran as Jamie Lawson

He played the role of Vicki's brother. In 2012, it was reported that he was homeless in California and living at a shelter he volunteers at or under a bridge.

4. Marla Pennington as Joan Lawson

She played the role of Vicki's and Jamie's mother. Small Wonder was her last acting role.

5. Dick Christie as Ted Lawson

Dick Christie aka Richard Leslie Johnson played the role of Vicki's and Jamie's father. Also, he played a cameo in Breaking Bad as Stew.

6. Paul C. Scott as Reggie Williams

He played as Jamie's best friend in the show.