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9 Shower Habits You Should Stop Today

As people make activities consistently, they cannot deny the fact that while they're doing some things for so long, they tend to develop sweating and unwanted body odors. Apparently, it can affect a person's image, especially on his/ her aspect of promptness, cleanliness, and freshness.Now, even some people who love doing showers are secured about their overall hygiene and security, outcomes do not always appear as positive or helpful since people subscribe to shower practices which are not giving genuine positive effects. In other words, there are still some shower practices that are not good for many humans and other environmental aspects, and we must get rid of these as soon as now. To help you get through these unwanted negativities, here are some things you must take note of with regards to shower habits. 

1. Showering under high temperatures.

Precisely. Hot water would tend to weaken or shock organs that are not used to high temperatures. Tendency would be for cells not to function properly, or to organs to have weaker defense mechanisms (Say hello to the white blood cells other microscopinc body warriors!).

2. Leaving that lonely loofah after bath.

Loofah could serve as a viable habitat for bacteria and potentially harmful microorganisms because of its moist, usually room temperature condition.

3. Showering while washing your precious face.

Face contains sensitive tissues and cells, so if you situate it to harsh conditions for a long time, say, in a hot shower, it may cause your skin to be damaged.

4. Shampoo-ing as an everyday activity.

Even though your favorite brand promises you for additional moisture, nutrtients and all that stuff, having it as your everyday tool for showering can cause a lot of nutrient loss on your hair. Meaning, there will be no chances for natural oils and beneficial nutrients to thrive on your scalp. 

5. Time-consuming shower time.

Stop this practice for these simple reasons: it's time-consuming and would give you headaches for having high bills!

6. Scrubbing galore! 

Scrubbing them too hard will weaken your skin, and would induce skin color change and skin wounds.

7. Not giving enough moisturizer to your facial region.

Its effect? Ultimate disgusting skin dryness. 

8. Not washing the feet properly.

Feet area can develop bacteria, athlete's foot, and would keep your feet skin dry, and unpleasant when not given focus and proper cleaning.