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6 Indian Web Series You Must Not Miss To Watch

In many ways, YouTube is the TV now and it for sure isn't an idiot box.With new faces, smart and funny characters, the web television has become the new cool. Unlike what you might have in mind, the webisodes are not something a group of friends decided to make with their webcams, they have a proper script, great actors, good direction and best production quality.Here are some web series that I am sure will crack you up and leave you wanting more.

Pitchers - TVF

With a rating of 9.5 on IMDb, the show comes under the top 25 TV shows. The show follows four friends who quit their daytime jobs in order to start their own business.

Permanent Roommates - TVF

This is a story about a modern day couple who are in a long distance relationship for 3 years and are now finally thinking of getting married. It is one of the most romantic and realistic shows out there. Season 1 is already out on YouTube with Season 2 ongoing on the official site of TVF.

Aadha 24 - TVF

This is a very well made spoof of Anil Kapoor's series, 24, where the students of an engineering college are running out of time as they have 12 hours before the final exam (hence the name). Engineers and hostilities will definitely enjoy this.  

Alisha - Blush

Meet Alisha, the Nancy Drew of the fashion world. If you like mystery and love fashion then this show is made for you.

Bang Baaja Baaraat - Y Films

A story of two crazy families and one metal wedding is bound to be interesting.