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9 Superfoods That Work As Viagra To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Guys have issues when it comes to their erection patterns. Ideally, men want to have this part on their body working perfectly forever. Unfortunately, as men get older, their probability of keeping up in bed weakens. This is perhaps the worst nightmare for sexually-active guys--erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction develops every single day, so as a responsible man, you must do something about it. Well yeah, there are medical remedies, and other 'drugs' available to the black market (read: viagra) that will keep you strong and hard through the night. But health effects are not certain. The best thing we could do is to resort to natural remedies that will not only satisfy your appetite but will also help in regaining that rock-hard package.

1. Beef and flounder

These combo 'meats' will not only focus on your protein requirement but will also maintain your potency and firmness. Keep that meat attraction up! 

2. Mussels, Oyster and Shrimp

Eat this every breakfast, and witness how your sexual drive is re-boosted. 

3. Nuts like walnut, sesame seed, pistachios, and peanut

Good news for vegetarians, there is many in the list that will help you hit it hard. Vitamin B, Vitamin E and other minerals found in dry fruits would make you feel like it's 'bed game' again. 

4. Crushed nuts mixed in honey 

Sweetness and protein overloaded! See how the inner 'kraken' will be re-released.

5. Turnips

Powerful vitamins and minerals this vegetable possess inside gives ample drive for men to pursue sexual ventures again, without that chemically formulated viagra. 

6. Onions and Garlic

Chop both the vegetables and mix them together with egg, and have the result you wish for. 

7. Banana, Pomegranate, Lemons and oranges 

These are the so-called "Potassium-Vitamin C Combo" your once sexually-active package needs.

8. Cottage cheese 

Of course, overall health asks for constant calcium requirement.