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10 Must-Visit Places In India That Are Better Than The Best Holiday Destinations In The World 

India is an incredibly beautiful and amazing country. It is full of so many delightful places with natural beauty and charming scenery. We don't need to go anywhere else when we have everything here in our country itself. There are some places in India that exactly resemble the finest locations in the world. Check out such 10 beautiful places of incredible India.  Images via Facebook  

1) Kashmir is considered as Switzerland of Asia. 

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places in Asia. It is considered as ‘Paradise on Earth’ because of the presence of enormous flora and fauna over there. If Government works on converting the several unexplored locations into tourist spots, then it can even precede Switzerland. Some people even feel that Switzerland is Kashmir of Europe. 

2) The Thar Desert aka ‘The Great Indian Desert’ shares striking similarity with the largest desert in the world. 

The Thar Desert, situated in the Royal Rajasthan state of India, is the 7th largest subtropical desert in the world. Various adventurous activities available in the sand dunes of Thar are quite similar to the Sahara Desert. Jaisalmer fort is a delightful tourist spot in The Thar Desert. There are several festivals celebrated with music and dance every year in Thar. 

3) One lovely garden in Nainital is an amazing counterpart of Japanese flower garden. 

A romantic walk in garden of Nainital will provide such exquisite experience that you can cherish for life time. Nainital is a wonderful place for flower lovers especially in the summer season. The beauty of traditional rose valley in Nainital is far greater than the Japanese flower garden. You can enjoy the natural carpet of flowers in India without shedding any extra bucks.

4) Dharamshala is referred as ‘The Scotland of India.’ 

Dharamshala has 4000 m high mountains on three sides and valley on the other side. This hill station has snowy mountains that are fully covered with pine trees and tree gardens. It is a perfect holiday destination for trekkers and backpackers. St.John’s Church, Dal Lake and Chinmaya Tapovan along with beautiful scenery of Dharamshala contribute in making it the Scotland of India. 

5) The Flowers Valley of Uttarakhand is similar to the Antelope Valley of US. 

Some people feel that the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is much better than the Antelope Valley. The alluring flowers and scenic beauty of the Valley in are just amazing. It is habitat to animals like Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, brown bear and blue ship. There is striking similarity observed in flora and fauna of both the valleys. 

6) The desi beaches of Goa are equally thrilling as the beaches of Brazil. 

Goa is a hippie paradise for party animals in India. Agonda and Palolem beach in Goa are listed in the top 10 beaches in Asia. These beaches are wide, serene, picturesque and an awesome spot for a sunbath. Goan beaches are usually occupied by local fishermen and foreign travelers. Goa also has nude beaches just like Brazilian beaches.

7) Andamans are ditto copy of Madasgascar islands. 

Andamans usually harbor deciduous forests full of coconut trees. Coconut trees are present in abundance in both the islands. Andamans are inhabited by wide varieties of mammals, birds, reptiles and Amphibians. Some places of interest in Andamans are Elephant beach, Makruzz, Chidiya Tapu, Samudrika Marine Museum and Limestone Caves. 

8) If Niagara Falls is your dream destination, then you must plan a visit to the Chitrakoot falls in Chhattisgarh. 

Chitrakoot falls is the largest waterfall in India. It is nicknamed as ‘Niagara Falls of India.’ The rocky terrain and sky-scrappers at the Chitrakoot falls are simply out of the world. It is one of the spectacular waterfalls of India during the monsoon season. You will be spellbound to witness the serene beauty of this waterfall in heavenly environment. 

9) You can get a glimpse of Bonneville Salt Flats in India itself. 

India has a wide range of all the famous International destinations. Rann of Kutch is so flat that you can even visualize the curvature of the planet. It is completely alike to the US Salt flats. The plains of Kutch shine like a diamond under the scorching sunlight and its beauty is splendid under the bluish glow of the full moon night.

10) Kumbalgarh in Rajasthan is pretty similar to the Great Wall of China. 

Kumbalgarh fort is known as the ‘Great Wall of India’ because the structure of this fort is similar to the Great Wall of China. Its wall is the second largest in the world after the Great Wall of China. Kumbalgarh fort was declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2013. A three-day festival is organized in the fort every year to treasure the passion of Maharana Kumbha towards art and architecture.So what are you waiting for? Add all the above mentioned exotic destinations in your bucket list. Share this amazing information about India with your friends and family.