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Phenomenal Twists In The Big Boss House

As Pritam gears up for the Judgment Day, the other housemates get nervous as to what the new day will offer them. Scroll down to see the celebrity drama happening in the house of Big Boss. For more stories on Big Boss follow us on @WittyFeed.  

Gautam decides on not talking to his ex Bestie Pritam

Pritam punished PG.

Puneet and Gautam because both tried to create a fight with him during the task.

Diandra, Dimpy, Gautam and Puneet bitch about Pritam.

Pritam has been asked to give three names for immunity.

Fight for the Immunity.

Dimpy slipped from the pole and Karishma won the immunity.

Look who helped Karishma In the Task!

Dimpy and Gautam are not happy with the new captain.

Housemates were asked to rank themselves on the basis of their popularity.

Ali was chosen for No.1 Position!

Housemates got a chance to win pictures from home.

PUNZ helps Dimpy.

Team Black Wins The Task.