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This Is Why Salman Khan Broke Up With Aishwarya Rai 

Salman and Aishwarya were major #couplegoals for us. They were on and off in a relationship until they finally broke up and gave their fans a little heart attack. Their love story was an incomplete love story. Once known as the most romantic couple on and off the screen, there were a number of incidences that lead to their breakup and we have the exact reasons out for you. 

1. Objection from Aishwarya's parents. 

Aishwarya used to visit Salman Khan's residence frequently and that was a reason Aishwarya's parents were a little weighed down by the idea of them together. Apart from this Salman Khan and his n number of link ups also added to the equation. 

2. Salman's obsessive behavior.

This led to a lot of tension between the two and they started having regular clashes leading to their breakup. 

3. Salman had commitment issues. 

Salman Khan wanted a commitment from Aishwarya wherein Aish refused to commit because she was climbing up the ladder of success at that time. 

4. Ruckus on the film sets.

Salman Khan used to create a lot of nuisance on the sets where Aish used to shoot for her films. It was while her movie "Kuch Na Kaho" was being shot, that Salman Khan went on a rampage and destroyed Aishwarya's car. 

5. Salman Khan's behavior towards Aish's parents. 

Salman was in any way disapproved by Aishwarya's parents but they never stopped the two from meeting each other. While Salman should have been considerate, he used to treat them really badly and that made Aish unhappy. 

6. Salman used to help his ex. 

It was quite obvious that Aishwarya would have felt about Salman helping out his ex secretly. Somy Ali, who is known to be Salman's ex-asked Salman for help when her father was being operated. 

7. Salman's alcoholic behavior. 

It was Aishwarya's statement that she stood by him and endured even through his alcoholic abusive behavior whilst she was the one who had to go through the emotional trauma of being hurt and abused. 

8. Aishwarya's statement. 

In a press release, Aishwarya said that she broke up with Salman for her own self-respect and dignity. She even mentioned that the chapter of Salman was a nightmare in her life and she is thankful that it is over, for good.