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Arpita Khan’s Response To Her Haters On Social Media Will Shock You!

There are many people who envy Arpita Khan for ‘n’ number of reasons. One of the reasons is that she is leading a perfect life which is desired by many people. Recently, a hater of Arpita commented disgustingly on her picture. Salman Khan's sister slammed her haters in such a way that now no one will dare to pass offensive comments on her in future. Have a look! Images via Instagram  

Salman Khan’s sister is currently spending a vacation in the USA with her family. 

Arpita is living motherhood to the fullest with her husband and little son Akhil.

It is quite evident from the pictures shared by Arpita on Instagram these days. 

But there were a number of hate comments on her photos. 

Some openly criticized Arpita for her heavy weight and dark complexion. (which is not acceptable)