17 Outrageous Secrets That No One Tells You About Life

Alex Noriega, a famous illustrator was having some issues at work in 2010. To figure out what's  wrong in his life, he started a blog. The blog's named Stuff No One Told Me (SNOTM for short). He had a vision behind this. He just wanted to portray what he had learned in life via his illustrations. And yeah, it's helping a lot, not only him, but people like us as well. Everything no one told you about life is right here in these illustrations! via - SNOTM 

You won't realize the importance but they do.

Keep Calm and carry on. 

They are just busy enjoying life. 

Memories never die. Make it count. 

Imagination is important that knowledge. 

But to be honest, say it. 

Get up, lazy mammal. Haha!

All you need to do is just laugh all the life. 

Women are better at hiding though.

Take some time out to relax. 

Tough outside. Emotional inside. 

Never get attached to someone. It hurts!

Try to approach people. Helps always!

No brand is that important. Sometimes unfollow.