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Woman Breastfeeds Her Son At A Wedding And Is Going Hell Viral

Apparently, breastfeeding at the weddings has officially become a common thing as yet another woman has gone viral for doing just that. 21-year-old Naomi Jael Covert who is an army wife from Vilseck was put in the middle of an internet storm (which for the record was created by her) due to the pictures she posted on Instagram breastfeeding her 10-month-old child.And that too at a wedding. Go crazy, people.

Meet Naomi.

This picture has over 12,000 likes after Empowered Birth Project shared it.

The reaction of the people has been mainly positive.

However, there are some who told her to hide 'under the rock.'

However, Naomi says that the wedding guests had no issue with the breastfeeding.

Very normal.

"It's just normal -- you have conversations with people while feeding the child," she says. "It is nothing sexual. It's just another person eating."