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Man Pulls Painful Long Ingrown Hair From His Beard And What Comes Out Is Creepy (Video)

Hey, people out there who are waiting for my one more weird story, here I come again. I know the story of a man who had approx an inch long ingrown hair hidden in between his beard. The moment he started plucking out his pesky hair, everything turned gruesome. How??? Why don't you have a look at it on your own?Disclaimer: Watch only and only if you can handle the height of creepiness. Beware, the video present at the last is not meant for the people with weak heart. So, watch it at your own risk.

The moment, this man named Shiryu Gosi saw a hard lump on his beard, he decided to pluck it out.

But, this small looking lump was not so easy to handle. It was a painful ingrown hair which almost forced the strong man to shout in pain. 

Finally, when all his efforts didn't work, he inserted a needle inside the lump and started pressing the pus filled ingrown hair area.