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Unseen Images Of Selena Gomez From The Revival Tour To Instill 'Same Old Love' For Her

Selena, our same old love singer is on her revival tour and as much as we love all the pictures she is posting on her social networks, we cannot just wait to take a scoop inside the actual life she is living. It seems like she is great at throwing parties. I am not just talking about the after show parties, but the ones that happen backstage. Yes, Selena is a big foodie and loves to hang out as much as she can with her friends and by-friends, I mean the crew members. Selena is way more fun than we possibly thought and these behind the scenes will give you the real look at what she is like. Images via Instagram.

Rehearsals 01.

Rehearsals 02.

This is what merch made her feel like. 

She says,"I love plenty of water and pickles. Who doesn't love pickles??"

Hot Cheetos and chocolate are her staples. 

Don't think that she doesn't takes care of her figure while she eats her heart out. 

She says,"I used to have chicken pot pie, hot Cheetos, Gatorade and a red bull if possible but nope, I can't do that."