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10 Vintage Photographs Of Fatal Car Accidents In The American History

Leslie Jones is a photographer for one of the traveler newspapers, Boston Herald. The photographer worked for the Boston Herald from the year 1917 to 1956 and clicked hundreds of moments capturing the chaos occurred on the roads during fatal car crashes in America. These are the pictures which are beautifully displaying the nature of life behind the wheel Of Americans.Let's have a look at these fascinating collection of early days' candid photos showing the havoc on roads at the time of dangerous automobile accidents.

#2 This car was stepped into the basement of a shop and got crashed badly.

#3 The car wrapped around a tree after a massive crash in Auburndale, Massachusetts.

#4 A car dragged out of a canal.

#5 Dump Truck merged inside the Warren Avenue Bridge, Boston. 

#6 A car jumped a curb and stepped into a house.

#7 Truck crashing in the East Cambridge area, Boston.

#8 A police officer trying to pull out a car crashed into the icy water, Boston.

#9 The police and fire departments trying to rescue the people stuck in a car that was fallen inside Boston's Fort Point Channel.