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Mom Tells Daughters Her Secret Which Gave Them The Most Amazing Shock Ever

Who doesn't like good surprises? Everybody enjoys them. This story is about Nathan and his wife who had some news to share with their daughters. They wanted to forward this news to their lovely daughters but not in a usual way. So, they decided to do something to reveal this news and what they did will amaze you. Internet-adored this act of parents real quick and it went viral in no time. Read out the whole story to find out what happens next. Feel free to share this!Via - YouTube

Kids are special, and the excitement of hearing the news of becoming mom is more than special.

Nathan and his wife were already having two daughters. But, this time, they were having some bigger surprise. asked their 

They asked their daughters to close their eyes before they reveal the news. 

So, this is how they revealed the news...

The exciting news was written right on the cake, in bright pink and purple frosting. Wow, the surprise is that "we are having twins."

After they revealed the news, the older girl, Ella's reaction is just priceless. She was so overwhelmed that she couldn't control her emotions. 

I wonder how such small surprises can give you joy and lifetime memories.