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When This Guy Left The Hospital...He Had No Testicle And The Reason Is Shocking!

I have seen a lot many people with fears of opting a surgery and losing a body part. Well, even I would like to think many times before going for such an operation. But what if, you chose the surgery, even underwent it and suddenly you got to realize that the surgeon himself accidentally removed your one of the body parts. Yes, that would be the most disgusting feeling of your life.Similarly happened with a man who was been referred to as ‘Patient A’ was been cheated by a British surgeon. This surgeon is now on the chopping block after he committed the blunder of removing the man’s testicles and attempted to cover it up. Here is the detailing about what actually happened.

# Dr. Marwan Farouk committed a big mistake.

Dr. Marwan, of Buckinghamshire, England made a huge mistake or I must say blunder while operating his one of the patients. 

# Operated for an epididymal cyst but got trapped in the removal of testicles.

Dr. Farouk was set to operate a man to eliminate a right epididymal cyst. But he ended up removing his testicles the same moment.

# He told the patient that his testicle got shrunk.

Dr. Farouk tried to cheat the patient by telling him about the deflation of testicle and told him that it still worked and was functional.

# He even sent a note to patient’s general doctor

He wrote in the note that the patient carried some tissue damage and did not bring up the accidental removal of testicle

# Medical Professionals Tribunal.

Dr. Farouk was made to face the panel of the practitioners in Buckinghamshire for carrying out the discussion on all the charges against him.

# Few strict penalties on Dr. Farouk.

The allegations even stated that Dr. Farouk failed to relate the man about removing his right testicle during the post-operation consultation.