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Scientific Reason Why Eldest Children Are The Greatest Is Here

Debates about who among the offsprings in the family performs the best in most of the things --if not everything they do have become long overdue. Irrational claims from various parties were sprouting from time to time. What's even worse is that even more of the family members are buying these irrelevant chunks of information. Well, if you happen to be very young right now, you're less likely to feel dramatic fights amongst your brothers and sisters. Good for you because the pressure is not that intense.But this long commotion is over. Thanks to the scientific research made by our tested and credible pool of researchers from places around the world. They gave much value on the question of who amongst the eldest, middle and youngest offspring possesses great attributes.Now, it's very exciting to know who's really the best offspring found in a family. 

Fact 1: Eldest children exhibit accordance to laws and rules 

Belgian child psychologists conducted a research in 2003 where they found the correlation between birth order and competitiveness, responsibility and to how each abides the law. Results exposed that eldest children show the most favorable attributes linked to loyalty to the family.   

Apparently, the youngest children are more likely to be rebellious

On the other side of the loyalty spectrum, those were the qualities described. Belgian researchers also observed high incidences of rebellion and breaking the rules among middle and youngest children. 

Fact 2: Eldest children follow the characteristics of his/her parents 

Before, it was an unexplainable urge for the eldest children to successfully take over his/her parents when they are not around. It seems that they are very loyal to the family, and one can never doubt that eldest children follow the footsteps of his/her parents, in the context of keeping up with family health and its internal relationships. 

Jeffrey Kluger and his claims as published in Time Magazine 

In 2011, Kluger published the book The Sibling Effect: What the Bonds Among Brothers and Sisters Reveal About Us, and his findings on eldest children's unfathomable but amusing kind of loyalty to the family was intricately stated. More so, this scientific analysis was synthesized in Time Magazine. 

Fact 3: Eldest children has the most established professional and leadership skills

Sociological and anthropological analyses point out that since the early ages of these first-born individuals, they're involved in actions which require them to challenge their professional and leadership skills--may it be at home, community, school, or somewhere else. As time goes by, the level of professionalism becomes more applicable to the conditions and needs of the environment they are into. 

Fact 4: The 'eldest' are the smartest and the most clever ones

Norwegian researchers conducted a psychological experiment in 2007 about the correlation of birth order to Intelligence Quotient, cleverness and the likes. Results show that the oldest sibling is known as the smartest one because he/she tend to retain more information he/she repeatedly indoctrinate to his/her younger siblings. Quantitatively speaking, in general, eldest sons or daughters possess IQ that is 2.3 points higher that the younger ones. Amazing. 

Fact 5: There is a higher probability that the eldest are the 'nicest' 

In a 2015 published paper by the Journal of Research in Personality, it is pointed out that the eldest children are more psychologically nice than the others. They're favored by parents because of diligence, dedication and a positive level of focus.