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This Woman Is Going Viral After The Epic Photoshoot

A mother gave birth to five healthy kids at once and did this amazing photoshoot later. Kim lives in Perth, Australia and this photoshoot act after delivery undoubtedly went viral on the Internet. The five kids include one son and four daughters. She even did the photoshoot while she was on pregnancy phase. Photography must be her hobby.Her photoshoot, while she was pregnant went viral too but in January when she did it again with her kids, it crossed all limits and caught the attention of the whole world. Read out the whole story!Photographs via erinelizabeth

Kim aged 26 had 2 kids before with husband Vaughan.

She did a photoshoot during her pregnancy.

And this was the image that went viral.

All five kids in one frame. 1 son and 4 daughters!

Kim faced a lot of challenges but feels proud about this.

This can't get any better. Just look at them!

Kim says it's really difficult to take care of 7 children.