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80-Year-Old Grandma Turns Into Glam-ma And The Internet Is Shocked

Kim Kardashian should learn a thing or two from this woman. She sure hasn't broken the internet in the literal sense and she won't have a massive maximum gluteus like Kim K, but she sure has won a lot of appraisal in her own manner. The woman used contouring to make her face look better (read "less saggy") and has been very popular on Instagram account of her granddaughter teaflego. Here is her whole story. 

This grandma who has become more of a glam-ma, goes by the name Livia Mulac.

Her grand-daughter Tea Flego happens to be a makeup artist. 

Flego is quite good with the makeup tools which became self-evident after she changed the look of her granny. 

Her grandmother herself didn't expect such a drastic change to happen to her. 

Flego has been so phenomenal in her job that her granny now looks at least 20 years younger!