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Ever Wondered Why The World Didn't See Osama's Dead Body?

Osama Bin Laden has been one of the most terrifying and intriguing creatures in the history of terrorism and extremism. Although he has been dead for six years now, mysteries around his death still continue to exist in the air. And why wouldn't it be, for the US government has never really revealed any clear information about his assassination and the dead body.Why is that? Why? Curiosity speaks! We have never seen him dead ourselves so how can we so easily believe that he is dead? Throughout these years, the matter has been suppressed by the US government, but now, the question has been raised again. Why have we never seen Osama's dead body?Read further to unravel this mystery. 

Osama's assassination.

2nd May, 2011, marked in the pages as the day Osama was assassinated by members of Seal Team. The rein of terror had finally ended. 

Obama's official announcement of Bin Laden's death from the White House.

Yet, some theories suggest something queer.

Some believe that Osama never died. If he was really dead, then why did the U.S. government hesitate to show the pictures of his dead body? However, the percentage of people who align with this theory is very minor. Hence, this accusation got neglected.

What does the rumor say?

 While some theories suggest that Osama is not dead, some theories also imply that Osama's body was never revealed to the public and the press. And the reason was just because, his body was completely destroyed by hundreds of bullets that were shot at him. The book 'No Easy Day' provides witnesses to this fact. One of the members of Seal Team Six, Matt Bissonnette, describes that after Bin Laden had dropped to the ground from being shot, "another assaulter and I trained our lasers on his chest and fired several rounds."

Here are Jack Murphy's views on the whole act, published by him in Business Insider.

Murphy has defined the whole 'hundred bullet' act as "a trend within certain special-operations units to engage in this type of self-indulgent, and ultimately criminal, behavior." Besides Murphy, many other critiques have criticized the way Osama was killed. Can this be one of the many reasons why we haven't seen his dead body yet? Is it a desperate attempt by the U.S. government to hide their brutality?

Is the U.S. government hiding something?

That may be possible. However, the majority of people believe that the actual reason behind hiding Osama's dead body is the battered condition of his body, this is the most plausible reason anyone can come up with. But the question that pops up now is, did the U.S. service makers had to be so harsh? No, this act was criminal and brutal. This could have been avoided by the team.

Is There Any other reason?

Yes, there is. Some experts have a different theory. They believe that the U.S. government did not reveal his body to avoid tensions between the US and the Middle East. Officials say that Osama was given a proper Islamic burial despite all the havoc he had caused in the past. Revealing pictures of his body could have put the lives of U.S. and European citizens in grave danger.

It is believed that the members of Al Qaeda used suicide vests when raided by the U.S.

Use of suicide vests by the Al Qaeda members implies that they posed no danger whatsoever. They would die anyway. Then why shoot them? That was not at all necessary. This augmented the hypothesis about the criminal nature of the U.S. force.

So, what's the conclusion?

Before concluding this theory, we need more evidence. We cannot just rely on the information we have. Judging the nature of U.S. force is insufficient. Maybe the situation demanded them to be 'criminal' or maybe they did it because they thought Osama deserved it. Without the United Nation's interference, abuse of power and force is totally predictable. However, we cannot decide anything until we actually have the pictures. Till then, all this is just a hypothesis.