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This Tattoo Artist Colored Her Eyeballs And Removed Her Bellybutton For A Crazy Reason!

You are about to read a story that is an epitome of what we call 'Being Yourself.' We have with us a tattoo artist, Grace Neutral, who not only got inked but also dyed her eyeballs blue, re-shaped her ears and removed her bellybutton. Why? Because it makes her happy. She describes these modifications to her body as her path towards happiness and self-satisfaction.Scroll down to dwell deeper into this inspiring story.

Grace Neutral

Grace Neutral, as she calls herself, is a London based hand poke tattoo artist. For her, what she has done to her body is quite natural, but for us, she is no ordinary being. Her appearance speaks for itself. Through all these years, Grace has done several modifications to her body to make her look like 'herself'. She has got god knows how many tattoos, additionally, she has dyed her eyeballs purple, had multiple scarification procedures, re-shaped her ears, and forked her tongue to give her an 'out of the world' look.


Besides her awesome tattoos, she has several scarifications pattern on her face that are inspired by 'aliens'. For those who don't know, scarification is a process that involves cutting off the top layer of your skin until the scars heal and you get the desired shape.

Bellybutton, what's that?

To give herself the desired look, she even went as far as removing her bellybutton. In an interview with Sophie Eggleton, she described the process, “I was laid out on a tattoo bed. I had iodine all over my stomach and then they cut it out.” Yeah! as if it's that simple.

No pain, no gain!

Neutral describes this process as fairly painless. This is what passion is truly about. Pain doesn't matter. Your desire, your passion overpowers your fear. After all...no pain, no gain!

Harsh Healing

Accodring to her, the most painful modification to her body was reshaping her ears to look pixie-like. “My ears were the most painful. They resculpted the whole top of my ear,” she adds, “It took two hours for each ear…The healing was really harsh.”   

Going Fearless

Neutral has a simple logic behind all this. Her sole purpose behind this is to find her true self. She believes that these modifications make her feel who she truly is. “Just imagine if everyone was themselves, how different it would be, and how refreshing it would be to walk out the door every day,” the hand-poke artist said in an interview with i-D, “and the people you would meet – no one would be scared.” 

Disposing Of Skin

What Grace does to dispose of her discarded skin is even more unique than her appearance. She eats on a chunk of skin that is removed from her face. Here is one more interesting thing she did, she had the removed bellybutton cut into the shape of a heart and gave it to a loved one as an act of affection.


Her unique appearance has added many feathers to her hat. One; she has around 330,000 followers on Instagram (Girl! You are on fire) and two; she has modeled for Ashley Williams during the London Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2016 show.