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These Bodyguards Are Not To Save This Man. The Real Reason Will Badly Surprise You!

Getting your name registered in Guinness Book can be a dream come true for anyone, but having it done for a birthday dress is little unusual. This is a reality and this has happened in our country.Politician Mr. Pankaj Prakash Parakh enters the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book of Records. Let's find it out what unique he has done, and for what he is so popular!

Meet Maharashtrian Mr. Pankaj Prakash!

He is a school dropout, he has made his fortune from his garment fabrication business.

He wears gold jewellery of 2 to 3 kg.

Whenever he ventures the streets of Yeola, 260 km from Mumbai, women stare at him and men glare at him as he is adorned with so much gold.

On his 45th birthday...

He wore a gold shirt worth Rs 1.3 crores with 7 gold buttons.

Right from childhood he was fond of gold.

The shirt was designed by Bafna Jewellers, and executed by Shanti Jewellers at Parel in Mumbai, where 20 select artisans spent 3,200 hours to prepare it. He said that the gold used in the shirt is of 18-22 carat.

Gold lover...

He carries more gold than his wife. He has 2 children and his family does not like his gold-craze very much.