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Pregnant Model Claims Rapper Lil Wayne Forced Her To Have Anal With Him 

Bonita4Real, a hot model has accused rapper Lil Wayne of having anal relations with him. She blamed the rapper that, he refused to feed her until she agreed to have anal sex with him. The model took out the incident in public and it was shocking.Read more here!

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Bonita4Real is a model who claims that she was wronged by a rapper. She blames Lil Wayne that he forced her to do anal with him. There are rumors on news sources that Bonita is pregnant.

Blames the pregnancy

She claims that Lil Wayne ordered his private plane to fly her to his mansion. But, he became upset once she began to eat all of his food. Later she revealed that she was eating a lot because of pregnancy. Is it so?

This is what Bonita4Real said:

But it is hard to believe that the millionaire rapper has refused the pregnant women to eat. Does this really make any sense?

It was just a slice of Apple.

According to Bonita4Real, the rapper called her greedy when she took a slice of Apple. At that time she was feeling hungry, as she is pregnant.

Lil Wayne wanted that slice of Apple back.

The model told that the rapper wanted his Apple slice back. This was shocking for her.

Actually, he wanted something else.

It looks like the rapper thought he was still in prison. It was not the slice of Apple which he wanted back. It was something else that he was looking for.

It's hard to believe.

Bonita told that the rapper refused to feed her until she agreed to have anal with him.

Are you kidding me?

Can you guys believe Bonita after reading this? Is this really happened to her or is she another girl thirsty to get fame.

So who's side you are?

Is this just for gaining attention. Well she is the one who know the truth.