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8 Incredible Features Of Barack Obama's Newest Aircraft The Universe Must Know

Embellished with the American flag, the presidential seal, the world's most famous plane as tall as a six-story building, gives an undeniably  authoritative presence wherever it flies. The three-leveled "flying Oval Office" has 4,000 square feet of interior floor space, including a conference room, a dining room, private quarters for the president, offices for senior staff members, a medical operating room, press area, two food preparation galleys. President Obama's 'Air Force One' is the most expensive plane to operate, costing taxpayers $206,337 every hour. The world's most famous plane is in flight, according to a Freedom of Information Act.Check out these amazing pictures!

1. The entire layout of 'Air Force One.'

2. The guest room.

3. WOW! looks like Mr. Obama will have sound sleep.

4. So here is where Mr. Obama will watch all the updates.

5. Conference hall it is!