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7 Hollywood Celebs Who Got Two Women Pregnant At The Same Time 

Just when you thought the celebrity universe couldn't get any more weird, one more news throws you a curve ball. As the title suggests, these Hollywood celebrities have made their 'donations' into two wombs at the same time and ended up getting two ladies pregnant. So whether, it was their wife and mistress, or wife and maid, we can't really say. But surely, the ladies have decided to keep the babies and raise them with or without the father. Let's check out some male celebrities who have ended up getting two women pregnant at the same time. 

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Terminator star had a love child with his housekeeper, Mildred Baena, while his wife, Maria Shriver was pregnant with their 4th child. Schwarzenegger didn't even have any idea that Mildred's child was his until he started looking like him. The delivery date of the two women wasn't even a week apart. 

2. Yung Joc 

Yung Joc fathered two pairs of twins with Sina and Carla. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was expecting twins with Carla who gave birth to twin boys in August 2013 and also Sina who gave birth to twin boys shortly after. 

3. Lil Wayne 

While Lauren London was pregnant with Lil Wayne's third child, singer Nivea was pregnant with his fourth. Lauren had no idea that Lil Wayne was involved with anybody else before the baby was born in November 2009 that was shortly after she gave birth to Cameron in September 2009. 

4. Hugh Grant 

Hugh Grant was expecting two babies at the same time with former girlfriend Tinglan Hong as well as then girlfriend Anna Eberstein. Hong gave birth to their second child and only then it was learned that Anna Eberstein was 3 months pregnant as well. 

5. Fetty Wap 

Fetty Wap is currently expecting a child with Masika Kalysha. Since the announcement happened in December 2015, many other women have claimed that they are also expecting babies and the father is Fetty Wap. 

6. Peter Gunz 

Another Love & Hip Hop cast member who knocked up two women at the same time. His wife, Amina Buddafly and his mistress, Tara Wallace were expecting a baby together. After learning about this, his wife decided to get an abortion and the mistress had a baby in February 2016.