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11 Hollywood Celebrities Who Can't Resist Taking Bedroom Selfies

These days, where selfies are the talk of the town and everyone seems to be knee deep in love with the trend, it is getting more and more popular among celebs. They are getting so damn addicted to the trend that they don't even bother whether they are taking selfies in a grocery store or in a washroom.Probably, taking selfies at the most intimate place of the home, that is for sure a bedroom is way better than clicking it elsewhere. Isn't it my dear friends? And, you must not be knowing that our favorite Hollywood actresses are in deep love with their bedroom selfies. Maybe after watching their bedroom selfies, you will fall in love with them more or the chances of disliking will be increased. Have a look at these pictures and decide by your own.

#1 Selena Gomez with her new sexy specs.

#2 Khloe Kardashian with her curly eyelashes and pouty lips.

#3 Beyonce with her make-up free looks.

#4 Kendall Jenner in her thinking pose.

#5 Belinda in an arousing pose.

#6 Carmen Ortega with her sweet teddy.

#7 Lady Gaga sleeps with the shell.

#8 Sofia Vergara with her night out look.

#9 Michelle Keegan showing off her nail paint.

#10 Kim Kardashian with Kanye West.