This Offensive 'No Fats No Fems' Shirt Is In Controversy For A Shameful Reason!

After the controversial 'OCD Red Christmas sweater,' here we have another piece of garment which has offended a large community with its printed text. Online retailer 'Marek+Richard' which makes a wide range of products including apparels, snapback hats, etc. debuted a new tank top which hasn't impressed a lot of its online customers. The simple black tank top says "No Fats No Fems" and has the potential enough to offend the gay community. Scroll down to read more.

It took a lot of time and effort to legalize gay marriage..

And we're still struggling to make everyone make them feel equal in the society.

Marek+Richard landed themselves into a controversy for this tank top for gay men..

Marek+Richard make a wide range of rad gear for the gay community and this recently added tank top hasn't been liked by most of its customers.

The offended took their disappointment to Twitter soon..

"No Fats No Fems" is a pretty common phrase on gay hookup apps like Grindr. It means that the man is not looking for men with size or effeminate men. 

There are several studies that prove that gay men are under tremendous pressure to look muscular and lean..

This leads to eating disorders in their body, thus affecting their health. They start eating less to reduce their weight and look less 'feminine.'

After a while, Marek+Richard replied with a tweet

They explained that they were being satirical with the tank top and nothing else.

However, the Twitter users weren't in the mood to buy that response

Tweets calling the clothing site a discriminative one were falling from everywhere..