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Recent Study On Bollywood Women Reveals The Dark Side Of Indian Film Industry 

B-town is full of glamor, fashion and beauty. There are many girls who dream to make their career in Indian film industry but this latest study about the women in tinsel town can make these girls think twice about their decision.Bollywood movies never fail to entertain the audience at any cost. But, some movies actually portray the women as objects of aex and pleasure. At times, the depiction of women in such movies has actually disappointed me. Check out this shocking study conducted on women in Bollywood. 

Bollywood actresses are required to show their bodies for surviving in the industry. 

Some blockbuster movies such as Dhoom 3 used women just for the sake of dance numbers.

Katrina’s role was negligible in the movie. 

In popular dance number ‘Kamli’, the actress was seen dancing seductively and removing her clothes one by one from the body. 

It’s disrespectable to give such offensive roles to the actresses in movies.

Recent study suggests that Indian film industry showcases 35% of the female characters with nudity.  

This UN sponsored global study was conducted on female characters in movies across the world. 

Study by Geena Davis Institute points out certain issues such as gender-based discrimination, stereotyping, sexualisation and under-representation of women in Bollywood movies.

About less than one third of all speaking characters in Bollywood movies are female. 

Though sexualisation of women is practiced across the global film industry, Bollywood movies are one step ahead in displaying women in $exually revealing clothes on silver screen. 

Indian movies are third, behind German and Australian movies, in presenting women in partially naked outfits. 

Item-numbers are a trend in Bollywood movies and every actress has readily accepted it. 

Bollywood actresses are required to show their bodies and dance on offensive words. 

These actresses don’t hesitate in spoiling their so-called clean image in the industry. Veer fame actress Zareen Khan had taken a bold step by opting for a movie ‘Hate Story 3’ full of skin show and nudity. Several eyebrows were raised on her role in the movie. 

Bollywood is a male-dominated industry. 

Women are mostly underpaid than their male counterparts in Bollywood. There are very few female directors, writers and producers in B-town. 

Bollywood male superstars make the decision to work with a specific actress.

Aged actresses are replaced by the young starlets while the experienced elderly actors keep ruling the Indian film industry.It’s high time now! Bollywood needs to change its outlook for women. Women are meant to be respected and treated equivalent to men in every profession. Share this shocking study about women in Bollywood with everyone.