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Rape Victim Shares Heart-Breaking Photos Of Her Injuries And Makes People Aware About Online Dating

Kat Berry, a rape victim who is 31, shared her pictures on Facebook to spread awareness among people that online dating subterfuges naive people who can end up in a situation just like hers. She says that online dating is highly dangerous. These photos were shared on Facebook herself. Picture Courtesy: Kat Berry Facebook 

Berry recalls,"It's scary to know what some people are capable of."

Berry first met this guy on "Plenty of Fish".

Initially, the two chatted online and their conversations lasted a few days. When they finally met something unexpected happened. 

After their first meeting, they decided to go to Berry's house. She felt they were having a great time until she felt everything was a blur. 

She was in a hangover the next morning and couldn't possibly find a way to go to the police. 

She then finally went over to the police to file a report. Months later, two more girls were reported to be raped by the same man.

And the police is still clueless about him because he was smart enough to even delete his dating profile from "Plenty of Fish".

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