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12 Ridiculous Mistakes In Captain America We Almost Missed

The world clock is ticking with anticipation as May 6 is almost around the corner. The date has been marked on the calendars. People are dancing on their toes, trying to bottle up the overflowing excitement which they are failing to hold down. Captain America: Civil War is arriving in the big screens next Friday, and we are completely losing it.Being a big Captain America fan myself, I have never been keen on the mistakes committed in the movie. Unfortunately, that doesn't cease the errors from occurring in the movie. So much sadness! Let's cross our fingers and hope that these mistakes aren't repeated in the upcoming movie.

1. And no one noticed. Let's just die.

Swapping places, are we?

3. That's how magical this movie is.

4. Structures are not really that important anyways.

Minor details.

6. They are his legs, after all, he can do whatever he wants.

7. Maybe it has legs. What do we know?

8. It has a mind of its own, people.