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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Actor Jamie Foxx's Daughter Is Grown Up And She Is Amazing!

Jamie Foxx is an American actor, singer, songwriter, comedian and has since forever been used to being in the spotlight. But now his daughter Corinne Foxx is also all set to rock the stage. Corinne Bishop has been the coveted Miss Golden Globe 2016. After watching her famous dad from the sidelines, she is all set to take the center stage now.Here are some exclusive pictures of this really hot chic with some interesting facts about her. 

1. She has been awarded as Miss Golden Globe 2016.

When she was asked about how she was feeling about the award, she said,"I had all of this energy and I'm not lying, for an hour straight, just jumped around my house and was bouncing off the walls and was Googling all the stuff about Miss Golden Globe so I was really excited."

2. She is really hot and has a sexy body.

3. No stranger to award shows.

She accompanied her dad to the Oscars in 2005, when he won the Academy Award for best actor for his starring role in "Ray.''

4. A firm believer that the best mascara comes from the drugstore.

she is always happy to splurge on foundation that matches her skin tone.

5. She is smart and doesn't like to mix too much or socialize with the rich and famous..

Instead, she enjoys being a student at the University of Southern California and often tweets about her college life to her 33,000 followers.

6. Above all, she knows how to dress for Red Carpet

When it comes to prepping for the Oscars, Corinne doesn't plan everything out too far ahead of time. And usually selects her dress a couple of days before any event.