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Remember The Two Daughters From 'The Nanny'? They've Grown Up Beautiful And Sexy

'The Nanny' was one of the most loved shows of the 90s- and watching it now makes me so nostalgic. Almost everyone found the show pretty connecting and realistic. And not just that, Maggie and Grace Sheffield were the major crushes of the teens back then.Anyhow, with time the pretty girls have grown up into sizzling young women who are hot enough to put your screen on fire! Have a doubt?Scroll down to check their latest photos.

The youngest child in the Sheffield family, Grace Sheffield was played by Madeline Zima

This is her in the Season 6 finale in 1999

And this is her elder sister, Maggie Sheffield played by Nicholle Tom

She was the one who was in a continuous typical sibling fight with her brother.

Thanks to Fran's influence, Maggie became popular with time

This is Madeline Zima NOW!

She was seen playing sexy Mia in 'Californication' And Gretchen Berg in 'Heroes'

She had a fair share of NSFW and revealing scenes in Californication.  

She slays with her eyes!

She also had cameos in Ghost Whisperer, The Vampire Diaries, and Grey's Anatomy.