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10 Disgusting Mistakes In Bollywood Movies You Failed To Notice

We talk a lot about Bollywood movies and it has been the main source of entertainment all these years and still continues to be one. No doubts. But surely they are not more entertaining than the bloopers which only a hawk eye can notice.Bollywood never fails to entertain us even when they present illogical scenarios and over-the-top, exaggerated fight sequences. But sometimes these bloopers are so in-your-face that we just can’t ignore them. Imagine looking at a mobile tower in a movie set from the 90's… yeah, you get the drift. And it doesn't end there. While most of the audience go to theaters just to watch the actors and actresses in the lead and don't notice these scenes but we can't let them be unnoticed. It's our responsibility to aware our readers and eventually spread laughter. Hahaha! You might miss it but We don't miss anything. We do our job perfectly. Aamir Khan - you might be a perfectionist but he is not that perfect. Yeah! I'm talking about the famous '3 Idiots' movie. There are other movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Sholay, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Dhoom 3 and many more in the list too which you may want to see again now.After you read this article, you may start wondering how exactly such colossal bloopers went unnoticed. You also want to face-palm yourself for missing them. No Issues! We're here for you.We'll bring up the funniest bloopers among all which will make you laugh out loud. Here are some of the funniest mistakes among all. Let's find out. Get ready for some epic oversights.Share and spread the word to your friends.

In this 3 Idiots scene, when Aamir Khan writes these words on the board, the font is different and when he underlines them, it changes. The power of underlines!

My math says something is wrong. What sorcery is this? Don't tell anybody. Shhh.

Thakur got some skills there. 

Watch it carefully, you will be able to catch the glimpse of Thakur's hands from under his full sleeves in the final fighting sequence. 

A mobile tower 

Haider: This movie featured Kashmir of the 90's when mobile phones were not in existence, let alone towers being everywhere. But in the song Bismil, you can easily spot one in the background.

He is not that dumb. Is he? Come on, everybody knows this now.

PK: The central character of PK played by Aamir Khan is an alien who learns the language from a prostitute. But in the second part of the movie, when he comes across the word condom, he has no idea what it is. Something doesn’t seem right. A prostitute doesn’t know about condoms, seriously!

When she is stripping off her dress, there is no sight of stockings but they magically appear when she strips her pants finally. (Dhoom 3)

Technology advances... but that first?

Raanjhana: In this movie, when Sonam’s character leaves town in a train, the switchboard is the old-fashioned type. But when Dhanush comes into the scene the switchboard magically changes and turns into one with fancy buttons like the kind we have today.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

We loved this movie but we can’t get over the fact that the production house screwed up their research. The La Tomatina fest celebrated in the first half actually takes place in August every year while the bull race that the movie ended with, happens in July. So unless they are going backward, they messed it up.

YouTube is being used for birth before YouTube takes birth. Amazing!

3 Idiots: This is a classic one. During the famous childbirth scene, Pia (Kareena  Kapoor) shows a YouTube video during the video chat. That scene is supposed to have happened six years earlier, when the central characters were in college and YouTube wasn’t born yet.

You got it wrong. Mr. Perfectionist. 

The movie Lagaan was set in the year 1892, wherein they show that each team gets 6 balls per over. Fact check! The 6 ball over was introduced around 1982-83. Before that, it used to be 8 balls per over!