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12 Female Body Types And Clothes Girls Should Wear Accordingly

Body shapes are not just limited to Pear, Apple and Hourglass. Recently, TV style gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine have explained about the 12 realistic female body types in their new book 'The Body Shape Bible.'If you are planning to shed off those extra fats on your body, then you must learn more about your body shape. Identifying body shapes will help you in choosing the right outfit for your body. So, let's check out these 12 realistic female body types explained by the famous makeover queens.

1) Hourglass  

Women with Hourglass body shape have large breasts, tiny waist, average/long legs, large hips, large thighs and average/broad shoulders. Small and short waist differentiate hourglass shaped women with other body types. V-neck jackets and pencil skirts coupled with rounded shoes go well with this body type. Salma Hayek and Marilyn Monroe are the celebs with this body shape. 

2) Brick 

Women with Brick body shape have broad shoulders, no waist, average tummy, flat hips, bumpy thighs, average legs and chunky calves. Beaded top will give a feminine look to your neck and pleated skirt will provide well-defined.look to your bottom. Kim Cattrall and Marc Jacobs are the celebs with this body type.

3) Skittle 

Women with Skittle body shape have small/average Breasts, slim waist, shelf-like bum, average tummy, average/short legs, large thighs, heavy calves and narrow/average shoulders. Wear a long coat to provide slimmer look to your thighs. Always go for high heels as you have short legs. Halle Berry and Meryl London are the celebs with Skittle body shape. 

4) Lollipop 

Women with Lollipop body shape have large breasts, slim waist, small bum, long legs and average/broad shoulders. Wear bell-bottomed trousers with pencil heels to draw attention to your slim legs. Angelina Jolie and Uma Thurman have Lollipop body shape. 

5) Cornet 

Women with Cornet body type have broad shoulders, small breasts, no waist, slim hips, long and slim Legs. Wear a curvy dress to reflect your boobs or skinny jeans to flaunt your snake-like hips. Wear delicate heels to reflect your slim calves and well-defined ankles. Cameron Diaz and Naomi Campbell have Cornet body shape.

6) Pear 

Women with Pear body shape have narrow shoulders, small breasts, long waist, flat tummy, bigger bottom, shorter and thick legs. You should wear flat front trousers with straight boots to cover your hefty calves. Instead of skinny, go for skirts and dresses which can give a slimmer look to your bum. Holmes and Sandra Bullock are the celebs with Pear body shape.

7) Cello 

Women with Cello body shape have average/broad shoulders, large breasts, short waist, large bum, big bottom, heavy thighs and slim lower legs. Wear V-neck t-shirt that can enlarge your boobs with the skirt that doesn’t reflect your bum. Go for platform heels that provide graceful look to your ankles. Oprah Winfrey and Kirstie have this body shape. 

8) Goblet 

Women with Goblet body shape have broad shoulders, large boobs, no waist, slim hips, long legs and little tummy. Wear V-neck shirt with a skirt that balances the top half of your body. Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta Jones have this body shape.

9) Column 

Women with Column body type have shoulder width same as the hip width, slight waist and longer legs. Wear feminine chiffon dress with comfortable heels that impart a proper and balanced look to your body. Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman have this body shape. 

10) Bell 

Women with Bell body type have small shoulders, tiny breasts, average/long legs, chunky thighs, big bottom, small and short waist. Wear a funnel-shaped coat in winter and a thigh-slimming kaftan in summer to balance the bottom half of your body. Hilary Clinton has a bell-shaped body.

11) Apple 

Women with Apple body shape have narrow shoulders, average boobs, average legs and tummy larger than breasts. Wear skirts and wide-legged denim trousers to avoid showing the extra fats in your body. Beth Ditto and Kathy Bates are the celebs with Apple body shape.  

12) Vase 

Women with Vase body type have large Breasts, hip size equal to breast size, slim thighs, slim legs, curvy and longer waist. Wear single-buttoned jacket with curvy shoes to give a decent look to your body.  Kate Winslet and Geena Davis have this body type.Share these body types with your friends and family.