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Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar - 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Him

24th April is a holy day for all the Cricket fans across the globe and the reason - It is The Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday. Though he has retired from cricket about 3 years ago, his charisma is still there amongst his fans.As Sachin, a role model for many, completes 43 years, let’s take a look at some of the unknown facts about him. Happy Birthday, Sachin!

1. He played T20 match way before it was invented.

On his first tour to Pakistan, one of the matches had to be reduced to 20 overs per side due to bad weather conditions. Apparently, it became the first T20 ever played. Sachin scored blistering 57 of 18 balls and hit four sixes in an over to Abdul Qadir- A legendary Pakistani leg-spinner.

He kept a bottle of Champagne for 9 years.

Sachin scored his 1st hundred in England during India's tour of England in 1989. For his heroics, he was awarded as Man Of the Match. He got Champagne bottle along with reward. However, he was only 17 at that time. Thus, legally he was not allowed to taste that Champagne. Eventually, after 9 years he finally opened it.

3. He played for Pakistan even before he played for India.

When Pakistan toured India in 1987, they played a practice game in Mumbai. Some Pakistani players were injured, and thus, they were fielder short. Sachin fielded for Pakistan team in that match under Imran Khan's captaincy. Little did Sachin know at that time that he was going to make International debut in a couple of years against the Same team.

4. Sachin was the first player to be given out by a Third Umpire.

In 1992, The Third umpire and TV replays were introduced for the first time. Sachin turned out to be the 1st batsman who was given out by 3rd umpire using TV replays. And, the fielder? Oh well, it was none other than The Great Johnty Rhodes!

5. Sachin scored centuries on debut in all 3 major domestic tournaments.

Sachin became the youngest player in India to score centuries in all 3 domestic competitions - The Ranji Trophy, The Irani Trophy and The Duleep Trophy. Those were the early signs of what followed - 100 centuries in the international cricket!

6. He was named after a famous musician.

Sachin Tendulkar's father was a huge fan of SD Burman's songs. That's why he named his 4th child as "Sachin". Tendulkar took this name to an apogee with his talent over the years.

7. On October 1995, Sachin became the richest cricketer by signing 5 years contract of Rs. 31.5 crore with WorldTel.

At the age of 22, Sachin was already at the top. His bank tally surpassed his runs tally within no time. Thus, making him a billionaire at such a young age.

8. Sachin Tendulkar was the youngest cricketer to play county cricket at the age of 19.

After Sachin's spectacular performances in India's tour of England in 1990, Yorkshire county cricket club signed him for county cricket. He was the first overseas player for Yorkshire cricket club in 128 years.

9. Sachin's bat weighed 3.2 lbs which is the 2nd heaviest bat used in cricket.

Sachin used to play with a very heavy bat. His bat weighed approximately 1.5 Kgs. Only Lance Klusner used heavier bat than Sachin.

10. He could have been a tennis player instead of a cricketer.

Sachin liked Tennis so much that at a point during his young age, he thought about choosing Tennis over Cricket. He was a huge fan of legendary Tennis player John McEnroe and, he also used to emulate McEnroe by growing his hair and putting a band around it.These are just 10 facts about the Great Sachin and his career is so big that there are 100s more. A very Happy 43rd Birthday to the child who became God.