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The Entire Titanic Tragedy Is Recorded In A Video. This Is How Death Looks!

The tragic incident took place around a century ago, but it doesn't seem that ancient.The duping iceberg that revealed just a tiny part of it, hiding the humongous and mightier part underneath ocean ended up the journey of thousands of passengers in the mid. We all know about this horror story of deaths and disappearances. But we never got to have real glimpses of it. The team of Titanic Honor & Glory created an animated video which records dooming of the ship with 1,500 passengers at Southampton. The video perfectly recreated the three hours of the deadly incident of 1912 and made everyone relive the sinking of Titanic in real time.Go ahead to watch the video. 

The video begins recording the titanic incident just a minute before it hits the iceberg. 

It was 11:40 at night of 14th April 1912, when a giant ship, Titanic hit the iceberg. The video also captures the moments of entire 2 hours and 40 minutes of the sinking of the ship. 

The crew encountered the iceberg just a minute before, at 11:39 pm.  

After the dash, the ship started lumbering. The passengers got to know about it at around 12:00 am. 

The ship had around 1,500 passengers on board who suffered the tragic ending 

The crew desperately made several last-ditch efforts to save as many passengers as possible.