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Tammy Tells Bambi The One Thing That Bothers Her About Her Marriage In Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

While sipping tea together, Tammy and Bambi also share the secrets. And, as it turns out, Tammy has stopped beating behind the bush about her famous marriage and spilling all beans in the open. In the latest bonus clip of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta released, Bambi confides about what's really going on with her husband Scrapp.

Friends forever.

Tammy took on Instagram to tell Bambi how much her friendship means to her.

Bambi is feeling low as well.

She misses her hubby who is on the road right now.

Sharing her emotions.

“It’s been a rough month for me.. And I’ve learned to keep everything inside and keep on working pushing and moving.. Sometimes you forget who you are! But when you have real friends that can remind you just how special you are and how valued you are! It’s a amazing feeling… @adizthebam I love you yoo! And you don’t know how much I needed this! #RealFriends #MyNigah p.s yes I took a picture before I wiped away my tears cause I wanted my friend to see how much she touched me!”