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Game Of Thrones Season 6 Answers Long Awaited Questions, #6 Is Absolutely Unbelievable!

Brace yourselves everyone! Winter is coming!Only a die-hard GOT fan knows how hard it is to have a sound sleep at night. I mean, ever since the 5th season ended and left behind a dead Jon Snow, it is hard not to think of several possibilities about how he could be brought back to life. Several rumors are doing rounds about possible storylines, plot twists and fate of several characters ahead of the release of Season 6. Here is a breakdown of all the rumors and reports about GOT season 6 that have surfaced till now: 

1. Will Melisandre resurrect Jon Snow?

Carice van Houten has revealed that Melisandre will have an important role to play in Season 6. People are speculating that since Melisandre was at Castle Black towards the end of season 5, she might bring Jon Snow back to life. Or will she get justice at the hands of Davos? 

2. What the F*$# happened to Jon Snow? Is he alive or dead?

Okay. This is a question that is keeping every GOT fan awake at night. There are several theories and possible rumored storylines that are going around. While fans are sure that Kit Harrington will reprise his role as Jon Snow, there are reports that Jon Snow will head to Westeros wielding Longclaw where a huge battle is set to happen and he will finally be free from his vow to Night's Watch (and finally get some action!).

3. Will Khaleesi deny the Khal's proposal?

So, this one is straight on the sets of GOT. A huge structure was built in Almeria (pictured above). And, then it was burnt to the ground. A cast member accidentally posted a script page to Instagram - non-disclosure agreement is damned - and it revealed that one of the Khals is going to try to get with Khaleesi. Could it be Khaleesi's way to deny the Khal's proposal?

4. Cersei doesn't part with her kids easily.

Cersei is shown standing at the water's edge waiting for the ship carrying her dead daughter. 

5. The return of Direwolves.

There were reports of a scene being shot involving dire wolves in the river run set. This could be a scene where Arya kills one of the dire wolves and finds Lady Stonehart, the resurrected version of her mother.

6. Who is Jon Snow's mother?

Jon Snow's mother is like winter in Game of Thrones. She never comes! Castle Zafra (El Castillo de Zafra) will serve as the Tower of Joy where Lyanna Stark was held (or willingly stayed). Maybe Ned promised to look after Lyanna and Rhaegar’s child, Jon, after she died and to protect him from Robert’s wrath?