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17 Historical Pictures That Depict A Completely Different Way Of Life

History is legendary. Child labors, culture, life without electricity are just a few to name when it comes to the historic life. But there were also many alluring parts. Let’s have a glimpse of what history has given us and that we may have forgotten.

# 17-year-old oyster husker named Carrie.

She worked as shucking oysters 13 hours a day in 1911.

#2 The Central park, Havana.

This park of 1928 manages to look the same today.

#3 Dancing girl at Woodstock festival.

Aww, the baby girl is enjoying her heart out at the Woodstock Festival.

#4 Lumber truck being investigated.

This inspection was done during prohibition time.

#5 Give the way to cat please!

Policeman helping a cat out to cross the Centre St., New York with her kitten.

#6 This shows Brooklyn cable car system

The cable car system during construction in the 1880s.

#7 An open-air school in 1950s.

This school of Netherlands was designed to protect the children from getting affected by tuberculosis and improve their health.

#8 Tolowa lady who belonged to Oregon/California area in 1923.

#9 The grief felt by Chopper gunner during Vietnam war.

#10 Space Shuttle enterprise 

#11 Ronald Reagan 

#12 Berber woman.

#13 The Moulin Rouge nightclub.