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This Gay Couple’s Wedding Invitation Received Huge Attention Due To This Letter

A wedding is all about celebrating the love you share with another person, embarking a new beginning with them. In such an auspicious occasion, you'd want your friends and family to shower their blessings on you. However, there are certain bitter people surrounding you who are eager to spoil your big day. Something similar happened to Keith and Chad of Ohio. Just like any other couple preparing for their wedding day, they sent out the wedding invites but what happened next was something they never expected.

Meet Chad and Keith.

Along with a bunch of RSVPs they also received an unsigned letter.

This is the letter.

It is a matter of disconcertion that anyone would spew such hate on any person. How is it possible for someone enters such level of meanness. Does God desire a wedding to get spoiled? I think not.

For the record...

And also...

The couple felt even more determined after reading the letter.

The couple met around 9 years ago and have been planning their wedding for a long time. After reading the letter, their determination strengthened immensely. They have kept themselves busy by arranging gifts for the guests along with a handmade cake stand.