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This Girl Was Rescued By Wild Animals And What They Did To Her Is Simply Gorgeous

A little girl known by the name of Degre Tippi was the daughter of a wildlife photographer couple and she had spent her early years living in a jungle among wild animals. She would hang out with wild animals as though they were her siblings and felt comfortable with them. Her story is quite close to that the movie "The Jungle Book" created by Disney and featuring Indian fictional character of Mowgli.Read ahead to find out her story. 

Degre and her parents lived in Namibia among the wild animals.

She would totally love them and hang out with them as though they were her siblings.

Instead of soft toys and dolls, Tippi had the company of wild animals.

She developed a relationship with them which was sort of unexplained but beautiful at the same time.

Since her parents are photographers, they made it a point to capture all her memories.

She's still a young kid but when she grows old, she's going to only have memories of her friendship with the wild animals in the form of photographs.

She didn't even get scared of them.

Most children get scared around wild and ferocious animals, but Tippi wasn't one of them. Since she was used to the wild scenario around her, she immediately took a liking to the animals as well.

A real life Jungle Book happening right now.

People who have known about Tippi call her 'Mowgli' and refer to the Jungle Book story in her context.

Others may sense danger, but she sensed affection.

Even in the wilderness, Tippi directly connected with the animals as though she's known them for years. There was no fear or hesistancy.

She showed them her love.

The unique thing about Tippi is her love towards the animals. This photo of hers playing with a baby elephant shows how comfortable she is with the animal and the animal is comfortable as well.

Her parents traveled across the globe for photography.

She was free to form friendships with the deadliest and ferocious of all beasts of the animal kingdom.

She is only 18 months old in this photograph.

She met the gigantic elephant, Abu and instantly became friends with him. She didn't fear but saw him as her equal.