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17 Tasteful Facts About Robert Downey Junior That No One Told You. #13 Was A Secret

"Steve Rogers: Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away and what are you?Tony Stark: A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist".The flawless delivery of lines like the one above is one of many things that make Robert Downey Junior one of the most iconic actors that this world has ever seen. His personality, charisma, devilish looks and tongue-in-cheek humor charms million of girls (and guys) around the world. No matter what character he plays: From Iron Man to  Sherlock Holmes, he does complete justice to the character, so much that it seems as if the roles were written specially for him. Check out some facts about the great actor that you've probably never heard before: 

1. RDJ said in an interview that his father introduced him to drugs, gave him Marijuana when he was 8 years old

2. Robert's friends call him "Bob"

3. He is a martial artist and he devotes much of his free time to his practice of Wing Chun

4. He is the only SNL actor to have been nominated for an Oscar.

5. He underwent daily drug tests when starring in "Two Girls and a Guy"

6. He was included in People magazine's annual list of Sexiest Men Alive in 2009

7. Once broke into his neighbor's home in intoxicated condition and fell asleep in the bedroom

8. He was labeled the Sexiest Lawyer by People Magazine in 2000 for his role in "Ally McBeal"

9. He also won another for Best Actor for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in 2009

10. Robert kept a lot of the authentic vintage clothing he wore in the movie Chaplin

11. His second wedding ceremony in 2005 was attended by 150 guests, including Keanu Reeves, Billy Joel and Sting.

12. In 2006, Robert Downey Jr. released a solo album in 2004, titled The Futurist.

13. He literally buried the clothes he wore in "Less Than Zero" to symbolize the start of a new phase of his career

14. He and Susan had a son named Exton on February 7, 2012 and a daughter named Avri on November 4, 2014

15. Robert got his big break at the age of 20 when he joined the much acclaimed Saturday Night Live sketch comedy team.