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What Happened To The 'Jersey Shore' Cast? This Is How They Look Now!

As we all know, 'Jersey Shore' is an American reality TV show aired in almost four years (2009-2012) and is housed in MTV. This revolves around eight housemates who had fun and share good summer memories in Jersey Shore, Interestingly, the reality TV show got through six seasons, on of which was aired in Italy. Jersey Shore was composed of Deena Nicole Cortese, Paul DelVecchio, Jennifer Farley, Samantha Giancola. Vinny Guadagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Angelina Pivarnick, Nicole Polizzi, and Michael Sorrentino. For some reasons, the production management replaced Angelina for Deena Nicole to at least make the show continue.Ups and downs, and a unique portrayal of Italian-Americans were also featured in the show. Although the show has become controversial in some terms, it managed to be aired for four years. Of course, these cast members have moved on to their personal lives. Did you have any thoughts about their whereabouts and current life status? Anyway, we can see them here. What are they now, really? 

Angelina Pivarnick then

She tags herself as the "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island", because of her character. She just appeared on the first two seasons of the show.

Angelina Pivarnick now

Angelina has been very active in LGBT affairs. Cool. Also, she is into TV through wrestling in 2013.

Paul Delvecchio then

Also known as "Pauly D", he's originally from Rhode Island, serving as a Disc Jockey. In the show, he tried his romantic luck with Jennifer Farley, but it did not work out.

Paul Delvecchio now

He's still into Discography, and he has maintained his physique.

Vinny Guadagnino then

He graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz. Vinny auditioned without seriousness but was admitted to a role. Apparently, he mentioned that he will be pursuing Law if the acting career became inappropriate for him.

Vinny Guadagnino now

After trying music and all these things, he settled on being an entertainer. According to his Facebook account, he plans to pursue the comedy genre someday.

Jennifer Farley then

Originally, she is a graphic designer, and in Franklin Square, NY, she is a 'club promoter'. People have witnessed she's cheating on her boyfriend outside Jersey; and she had her breast augmented as a self-present. She's also known as "JWoww".

Jennifer Farley now

She's got two offsprings, and in May 2016, she's expecting to have one. She's having a strong relationship with Roger Matthews, whom she married last October 2015.

Samantha Giancola then

We know her with the nickname "Sweetheart." Before entering the show, she had a degree at William Paterson University, and she was member the women's soccer team. She had a relationship with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro during the early seasons of the show.

Samantha Giancola now

Right now, she has her website, showcasing her life updates, as well as her story in the entertainment business. Moreover, she has her own fragrance line and clutchless collection that she designed herself.

Nicole Polizzi then

"Snooki" is her A.K.A. Before she show, she was pursuing to become a veterinary technician. She tried her luck on the show as she saw a Facebook ad pertaining to the Jersey Shore auditions.

Nicole Polizzi now

On 2014, she settles her ties with Jionni LaValle. After the reality show, she's been part of movies and other TV appearances like Movie 43, MTV's Challenge Mania: Road to Rivals II, Dancing With The Stars, Super Natural and Nicole & Jionni's Shore Flip.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro then

Back then, he was known to have not-so-good romantic relationship with Samantha Giancola.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro now

Now, he's been trying to get into more TV appearances, acting stints and the like.

Deena Nicole Cortese

Claiming herself as "the blast in a glass", she was just a replacement cast, starting Season 3. Originally, she was very close with Nicole Polizzi.

Deena Nicole Cortese now

In 2012, she was arrested for improper pedestrian observance and that made her fine $106. Now, basically, here's how she looks like. I hope she's fine and psychologically sound.

Michael Sorrentino then

People call him often as "The Situation". In the show, he served as the assistant fitness manager in Staten Island.