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Real Life Chun Li Is Blowing Every Mind And Going Viral On The Internet

Natascha Encinosa, a fitness model from Miami has made the Internet gone wild. She posted a picture, showing her thighs in a way that resembled Chun Li from "Street Fighter". The internet and her fans have gone crazy by seeing her new avatar. Have a look at some of the breath-taking photos of Natascha.

She looks stunning!

Natascha's fans are comparing her thighs with the street fighter Chun Li.

A fighter avatar

Chun Li style

Natascha in Chun Li costumes. She exactly looks like her in this getup.

On demand picture

Her fans demanded her to dress in a Chun Li style. She did not disappoint them and posted this picture on Instagram.

High school photo

Gym time

A selfie posted by Natascha showing her biceps and thighs.

That's cute Natascha

A lovely and cute picture for her fans.

Hard workout

She exercises hard...

To get a perfect body.

10. At the gym

And intense workout...

Motivation to look like Chun Li

She is truly an inspiration for many girls.

Monster babe killing the vibes

She is very hot and loves to post her pictures on Instagram.

She has a cute face

She loves clicking selfies.

Looking like a red cherry.