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7 Times When Sonam Kapoor Copied Outfits From Hollywood Divas

Sonam Kapoor is considered as fashionista of Bollywood. This stylish diva is known for her bold and trendsetting outfits in the Indian film industry. She gets her wardrobe designed from the A-one designers and carries every outfit very well. There are many outfits of Sonam inspired from Hollywood divas. Yeah! The dressing style of this fashionista is not 100% original. Check out the 7 outfits of Sonam Kapoor that she copied from Hollywood divas.

1) Sonam Kapoor and Amy Adams in Prabal Gurung’s design.

This low-necked gorgeous pastel attire was worn by Amy Adams before Sonam at the NY premiere of her movie “Her.”

2) Sonam Kapoor and Jennifer Lopez in Gucci couture.

Bollywood fashionista wore this outfit at Hall of Fame Awards 2011 where she received the ‘Face of the Year award’ whereas Jennifer Lopez wore it at the Met Gala in 2011. Don’t you feel that their outfits are way similar?

3) Sonam Kapoor and Jennifer Lawrence in Dior’s attire.

This strapless white costume was worn by Jennifer Lawrence at Lionsgate Hunger Games Catching Fire event. Sonam copied the same dress for the photoshoot of Business of Fashion 500.

4) Sonam Kapoor and Kelly Brooks spotted in ditto polka dot dress from Top Shop.

Sonam Kapoor wore this cute outfit at one of Aisha promotions whereas Kelly Brooks was spotted in this outfit during her shopping.

5) Sonam Kapoor and Marion Cotillard in Dior outfit.

This Bollywood diva was again spotted wearing a similar dress like French actress Marion Cotillard. I can barely find any difference in these outfits.

6) Sonam Kapoor and Kelly Brooks in Dolce & Gabbana costume.

Both the actresses are looking quite charming in this D&G floral outfit. But it’s definitely not a coincidence.

7) Sonam Kapoor and Jennifer Lopez in Versace design.

I think Sonam is pretty inspired from Jennifer Lopez. Sonam was consistently found copying the outfits and style of this Hollywood diva. Though some people might get doubtful about the style of Sonam now, but I feel that this Bollywood diva totally nailed it. Share these images of Sonam Kapoor with your friends and family.