This Light and Shadow Creativity will leave you Speechless.

The play of light and shadow never gets old. It seems only yesterday, when on a dark night you would use your hands to create something sensible or sometimes to scare someone! But these artists have taken this creativity to the next level. Their art will certainly make you speechless. For more such stories make sure you follow us on Twitter @WittyFeed. Post your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

Micheal Jackson Untamed.

Creating scenes out of dump.

The angel and the devil.

The Kiss of Fate.

A warrior.

Dump creating the city. An eye-opener.

The angle perfect.

The Face of Alphabets.

Brainy Einstien.

The men with Fangs.

The Beautiful Marlin Monroe!

It is incredible what some junk can do.

Lady with the kitty, perfect!

Creating the incredible scene with correct textures.